- MIX UP -


Hey guys, here's a massive mix for your collection. 

Downlink has been making the Slay The System mixes for a while now to promote new big tunes dropping under his label(Uplink Audio) and various other similar sounding labels. This mix has an incredible selection of heavy dark Dubstep bangers.

I hope you enjoy!  



DC Breaks are coming back down under!

The DnB masters are returning for another Aus/NZ tour playing 10 shows in 10 cities.


Anyone with a passing interest in the busy drum n bass scene have heard of DC Breaks. After all, they are on the verge of taking their popularity to the next level. Over the last two years the duo have become a staple on the global DJ circuit which include multiple festival appearances like the UK's NASS Festival, Arcadia stage at Glastonbury (you know, the fire breathing spider stage), USA's Beyond Wonderland, and Prague’s infamous Let it Roll.

Since signing to Andy C’s Ram Records they’ve carved a reputation for delivering world class remixes for some of the biggest names in pop. Their work on singles by Paloma Faith, Lady Gaga, Lana del Rey, Tinie Tempah and others, and a production for Example (a cut featured on the ‘Playing in the Shadows’ album), have made the world take notice. From their song writing ability to their wide-ranging DJ support, the producers’ output has shone through in playlists across the dance music spectrum. From BBC Radio1’s Annie Mac, to 1xtra’s Mistajam and revered music icon Zane Lowe, they’ve received a plethora of A-list spins.

Their recently released debut album 'Different Breed’ (signed to RAM Records), has been met with huge anticipation from fans and the music media alike, and has gone a long way to cement their reputation as a future scene leader. To celebrate their debut LP release, the duo will head to Australia and New Zealand for their biggest Antipodean tour yet, a 10-date monster which will see them visit all the major cities. 

I was lucky enough to have a little chat with them about their favorite shows, production technique and a few other bit and pieces. Check it out!

Q. Tell us how crazy it is for you to look back on your journey through music. From the start of your production days to touring the globe and releasing music on the leading record labels. How does it all make you feel?

Oh yeah definitely!  I don’t think we ever even consciously did it either, our progress was quite incremental in the beginning, and then we suddenly looked around us and we’re signing to Ram Records, DJing side by side with the likes of Andy C and High Contrast etc etc…. I guess we still feel amazed by it all, and lucky!

Q. Describe your sound in 3 words... 

Bass, Drums and…

Q. From previous tours around Australia/NZ, is there a specific gig that you are looking forward to the most? 

I think the reason we and many other DJs love touring this part of the world is that all the shows tend to be great and we look forward to each and every one!  If there had to be one which stands out above the rest, then it’s probably Perth - I think we’ve played there more than anywhere else and we’ve played several clubs and festivals so we know it well.  The crowd there are really into bass music.

Q. If you could have ANY set up(equipment wise) that you wanted for your live performances, what would you have? 

It would be great to be able to replay our tracks with a live band of some sort, and actually be able to improvise live the gnarly basslines.  But we still haven’t figured out how to make it work in our heads yet!

Q. Now for the same question we ask every artist, What program and plug-ins are you using to write your tunes? 

We’ve been on Logic since the beginning.  We keep meaning to check out other DAWs but we tend to have too much work on our plates to take the time out!
Our favourite plug ins are probably the Slate Digital stuff for EQs and comps, Fabfilter and Sound Toys for more creative plugs, a few Waves ones, and then Serum and Predator for nasty bass sounds, and the Virus TI for the more lush pads and strings.

Q. If tomorrow was your last day to live, What would your last meal be? (you can have anything you can imagine) 

Roast Beef Forerib, Chianti, Dauphinoise Potatoes and some buttery salty kale

Q. most memorable show you’ve played to date...

Arcadia at Glastonbury 2015, in that enormous spider which shoots fire out of its head.  Yep that one.

Q . If you could see any artist, dead or alive, who would it be? 

Jimi Hendrix

Q. What advice would you give to aspiring artists? 

Always try to find your own sound, something that defines you and seperates you from the crowd.  It could be a certain synth or two, or the way youmix down, your drums etc.

Q. And finally... What's next for DC Breaks? 

We’ve just done the UKF Podcast #96 so check that out, and we have a remix for London Grammar coming very soon.  And then, well, I guess its onto the next album!!



Here's this week's submission thanks to Certified Bass Records. 
BVDSHEDV dives into some futuristic and out of the box thinking bass productions. It's nice to hear something different these days!
Enjoy a taster of the new EP dropping on the 13th of May on Certified Bass Records.



We're back, I know it's been a while but, we're back.

A year ago I had a beautiful baby boy. If any of you guys have brought a first child into the world, you'll know how time consuming/exhausting/mentally and physically challenging it is. It's like nothing you have ever done before and it takes up every spare second of time you have... Because of this, music, production, DJing, blogging, going out to bars/clubs, all that great stuff disappears from your life before you've even realized it... but now I've had a chance to get myself back on my feet, I'm going to kick it off again with this...

May 20th @ Valve Bar, Sydney.

The creator of The Elements of Tech & Bass - Thierry D will be throwing a slightly different style party than his usual night. This time we party to Grime, Garage, Dubstep and Jungle.




All info through the facebook event HERE



 Big tracks dropping all around us for Datsik!

First up he gives us a newby with Virtual Riot  

Then, "Just Saiyan"  

 Then,  his new Sensei EP feature a new banger with Excision!



- MIX UP -

We've got a rather largely spoken about mix for you today. 

There's been quite a build up to this mix being released. RL Grime started his Halloween mix's in 2012 and has released a mix every halloween since. Here we are at number 5.

He's opened up a new door. Check it out! 
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